BMCC Spring 2020
Prof. Cook

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--ENG 201-0812 (Composition II, Fri 8:00-10:45)  

--ENG 201-1309 (Composition II, Fri 1:00-3:45)         <--- You still get the readings from these links!!

--ENG 201-0901 (Composition II, Sun 9:00-11:45)

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UPDATE 3/26:  The 201 courses have been running smoothly (well, as smoothly as can be expected) on Blackboard for the last week.  There are video lectures to watch, discussion boards in which to comment on those lectures, and "announcements" of important class info that generate emails to your BMCC addresses (including an announcement about how to turn in the Short-Story Paper).

If you have been unaware of all this, then you must not be checking your BMCC email address -- or whatever email address you have attached to Blackboard, if it is a different one.  As far as I know, Blackboard uses people's BMCC addresses, but if it is somehow using a different one for you, then that is your problem to notice and correct, not mine.

The Help Desk will be able to help you (hence the name) straighten out any problems you might be having getting into your BMCC email, or into Blackboard, or with the relationship between the two:

BMCC Help Desk email address:
BMCC Help Desk telephone number 212.220.8379

I will still be checking both my personal and BMCC email addresses, but this is the last time I will post any info to this page.  From now on, it is your responsibility to be keeping up with the course via Blackboard.

                  --Prof. Cook

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NEW INFO 3/16:
  It is important that you all be checking both your BMCC email addresses and whatever personal addresses you linked to CUNYFirst.  I emailed all students last Wednesday using your CUNYFirst email addresses, so if you never saw that email, then you need to be checking whatever address that is.  I am also starting to rebuild the course online in Blackboard, which uses your BMCC addresses, so you need to check those too.

Currently, the plan does NOT involve online classes that  "meet" at a specific time.  Rather, I will upload video lectures to accompany each Poetry packet, which you will all watch and comment on, discuss, ask questions about, etc., in Discussion Boards on Blackboard.   The DISCUSSION BOARD FOR ROMANTICISM IS ALREADY UP, so you can start discussing the poems in those two packets (the Blake/Wordsworth/Coleridge one and the Byron/Shelley/Keats one); I will upload video lectures about those packets to Blackboard within the next couple of days, and I will be visiting the Discussion Board to answer questions and address comments daily.

I have not made a decision yet about a new due date for the Short-Story Paper and how I am going to collect it or give you comments back on it, so the extension is still in effect there; just keep waiting to hear more (but you should have it done, because the new due date might be sudden, based on the assumption that you were supposed to have it done by last weekend anyway).
                                   --Prof. Cook

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  I just got the news about no more in-person classes, the same as you.  Things are kind of confusing right now, but my understanding is that there are no classes *at all* from 3/12 -- 3/18 while faculty figure out how to set up online classes, and then online classes will start up from 3/19 onward.  I have been trying to email all of you through CUNYFirst, but so many other professors have been trying to email their students at the same time that it keeps crashing.  I will try again in the middle of the night or something, I guess?  Anyway, the deal appears to be that our Friday classes 3/13 and Sunday class 3/15 are canceled, and everyone should look out for an email from me about some kind of online classes, resuming Friday 3/20 and Sunday 3/22, and how those will work.  And OF COURSE this is happening right before the class when a paper is due!!  As for that, I'll just say everyone has an extension until whenever I tell you the new due date is.  There's too much going on right now for me to worry about collecting the papers on top of it.
                                   --Prof. Cook

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To make sure that everyone is in a good mood, here is a picture of a koala.  This little fellow really wants you to get a good grade in my class, so please have hard copies of the day's texts with you every time.  Could you live with yourself if you let him down?


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