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Chris O. Cook
is a Brooklyn-based professor,  poet, critic, freelance writer, and private tutor.

He can proof, edit, or guide you through the composition of your poetry, fiction, or personal essay (including works aimed at winning Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, of which his past students have won several).

He has been working as a private tutor for 15+ years and can coach you to a perfect or near-perfect score on the verbal portions of the SAT, ACT, or any test that has verbal portions.

He has written the verbal practice tests (both Grammar and Reading Comprehension) found in multiple SAT and ACT prep books published by Barron's, Wiley, and Academic Tutoring Centers, Inc., and he is available for hire to write more.

He used to write passages and questions for the English portion of the actual ACT exam.*


*(if anyone from ACT, Inc. is reading this, yes, more than five years' time has passed since I last worked for you, so I am legally permitted to tutor people in your test now).